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'rourke made a great observation 20 years ago when said if you think healthcare is expensive now wait until it is free. what we are seeing is the free healthcare that was promised and it is anything but free. >> well, and, of course, there are going to be volumes and volumes of regulations coming from the healthcare law and we are already starting to see some of those and a lot of red flags for people. when the hhs regulation came out on the issue of contraception that has sparked dozens of legal battles across the country. another regulation that recently has been rolled out raising a lot of eyebrows as well. the $63 a head charge meant to cover preexisting condition costs but that $63 a head as i underand it it is going to be levied on everyone, healthy, well, or with a preexisting condition. >> this is a natural reaction to things like just the passing a magic wand and saying that preexisting conditions are going to be covered. how? somebody has to pay for these things. now, we are learning, everyone is paying for these things. this free healthcare was never free. it is expensive and alr
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,000 and $7,000 at the end of the year after being bailed out buss they have no increase in their healthcare cost coverages and their per hourly rated which is approximately $58 per hour is going to stay in tact. this in my opinion is a big sweetheart deal directed by the united states government. >> so the bonus are not performance based or based on seniority. how are they determining these bonuses. >> these are sign on bonuses. i don't understand the issue of sign-on bonus when you join a company. you join the company and the network away from another company. these are existing workers getting end of year bonuses that are not based on incentives. we just bailed out this company general motors not too long ago. to hand out bonuses it's very peculiar to me. again the government does own 26% of general motors. i think it's a government directed bonus pool that is a lot of pay back for the unions who voted in administration in this office. >> heather: so on wednesday, gm did receive a christmas boost because u.s. treasury it would reduce its stake in gm by selling a chunk of sales back to the
on that story. now national healthcare and lindsay lohan's ann particulars, 2012 was a big year for the courts. in january the supreme court ruled that before the government places a gps tracking device on your vehicle it has to get a search warrant. four months later it said that children conceived through in-vitro are not automatically entitled to benefits after the death of a parents. what the court could look like from here. doug burns a former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. and john manweli, a former criminal defense attorney. waoepl mawaoepl may not influence that the high court cases influence people practicing law day-to-day. doug -rpbgs tel tell me your thoughts on the healthcare. >> a lot of the people ran out of building saying it's been struck down. it was struck down on commerce clause grounds and the necessary and proper clause grounds. jaime: it had to be. >> there it was on page 10 that it was being upheld as a tax which i agree w. the long and short of it was it's the same analysis that we rendered all yearlong. it's 2700 pages long, i'm not sure anybody und
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4